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Life Coaching in Edmonton and St. Albert

What Is a Life Coach?

A life coach is trained to help maximize one’s full potential. Life coaching is a professional relationship between the coach and the client that helps one break through their limitations to achieve the desired goals and intentions. Whether it is personal, relationship, or business goals, life coaching assists one in connecting with the best of oneself. Contact Positive Power Plus in St. Albert to book your session today.

The Responsibilities of a Life Coach:

The coach’s responsibility is to clearly communicate with the client and provide what’s most needed for the client to achieve the desired goals. For example, support in the forms of counselling, mentoring, and objective feedback.

To identify and help overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.

To examine limiting thought processes and move beyond those thoughts. Thoughts are the key to success!

To assist the client in identifying and creating a vision. To connect with the ‘why’ that supports the vision and creates an emotional connection to the vision, which would translate to inspired action.

To elicit client-generated solutions and strategies and encourage the client’s self-discovery and empowerment.

To assist the client in creating strategies and action plans that fit best with what the client wants to achieve.

To hold the client responsible and accountable for their actions.

In summary, life coaching assesses where one is and assists the person in creating the future he or she wants. It is always action-based.


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Life Coaching

Get your life back on track with life coaching support!

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