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“We can let circumstances rule us or we can take charge and rule our lives from within.” - Earl Nightingale

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Edmonton and St. Albert

Positive Power Plus offers weight loss hypnotherapy in Edmonton, St. Albert and surrounding areas. Losing excess weight can be a frustrating and difficult process, and one that affects people in a stressful way. Our hypnotherapist offers a better solution for natural weight loss.


The benefits of hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy will assist you in overcoming blocks and outdated beliefs and habits

We offer you personalized affirmations recording to enjoy on a regular basis

Affirmations are positive statements that will help you overcome self-sabotaging negative thoughts

The repetition of affirmations also helps in reaching your goals and intentions and managing stress

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen” - Claude Bristol

Two programs are available

4 to 6 sessions to shed less than 35 lbs

6 to 10 sessions to shed over 35 lbs

Package pricing is available and number of sessions needed are determined individually.


Either program may include the use of a hypnotic gastric band.

Hypnotic Gastric Band

A ‘gastric band’ is a radical surgical operation that reduces the available space in one’s stomach, leaving one feeling full and satisfied with much less food.


A hypnotic stomach band is a psychological procedure that convinces your subconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted, so your body behaves exactly as if you have a gastric band in place.


The hypnotic stomach band is designed to help the client create a healthier relationship with food. In addition to mentally inserting the hypnotic stomach band, hypnotherapy sessions will help heal underlying issues that support emotional and stress eating.

You need a hypnotic stomach band if:

You need to shed 25 lbs or more

You have always been overweight

You have lost the weight and keep putting it back on

You keep eating even when full

One may expect to reach the following goals:

Reduce portion size

Eat only 3 small meals a day and healthy snacks if needed

Permanent changes so the excess weight stays off

Stop dieting. All you need to do is make healthy choices

If you think hypnotherapy or a hypnotic gastric band would be of benefit for you, please contact our office to book your complimentary consultation.


Knowledgeable Therapist

“Rosa, thank you for helping my body relax. You touch on things that bring encouragement to me, and knowledge to realize what power we can harness to change our lives.”

- Deb, Edmonton

Weighing machine with a measuring tape around it reads Well Done

Lose Weight Now

Weight loss hypnotherapy can heal and transform your life effectively.

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