Reiki, EFT & Past Life Regression Sessions in St. Albert and Edmonton

“Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.”

- Paul Cezanne

We do have a choice in how we live our lives. We can be at the whim of circumstance, or we can take guidance from within and be the master of circumstance. Our gift is the ability to make that choice every minute of every day. We can float down the stream of life, or we can swim it.

Hypnotherapy assists one in building confidence, improving sport performance, sleeping better and improving focus and concentration. It offers one of the most effective means available to assist you in accomplishing your goals and dreams.

Positive Power Plus Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Clinic offers effective sessions to address a variety of issues. Please click on any of the following headings to learn more.


Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. It is a simple art of energy focus.

The Reiki practitioner accesses this flow of positive loving energy through his/her hands and awakens the ability to heal the self and others.

Reiki is gentle yet powerful, subtle yet effective. The use of Reiki accelerates healing, and relieves stress and distress in the body. It can be used to assist the body's ability to heal itself.

Receiving Reiki is a deeply relaxing experience. Deep states of relaxation trigger the para-sympathetic nervous system and awaken the body's internal ability to heal itself by restoring the body's balance at all levels.

For some, Reiki is spiritual, for some it is physical, and for others it is both. Reiki increases physical strength, brings clarity of mind and purpose, and enhances free flowing emotional expression. Reiki encourages spiritual growth and wholeness.

A little bit of Reiki each day is a simple and effective way of managing daily stress and adding to physical vitality. Problems of a most chronic nature require treatment over a longer period of time.

Anyone who is committed to healing can learn Reiki. To practice Reiki effectively, it is not necessary to understand how the body functions or the healing occurs.

A commitment to healing and an openness to allowing the energy to flow through you are often your most useful guides.

The Benefits of Reiki

  • Supports healing the cause and eliminating the effects of imbalances
  • Helps to eliminate accumulated daily stress
  • Safely and quickly energizes you physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Reiki is a safe, natural healing method which can easily be combined with other healing techniques


“I sincerely enjoyed my first past life regression! I felt comfortable and relaxed. I felt really relaxed after the session and it gave me helpful insights into my life. Thank you so much!”

Tammy S.


“I had a Reiki session with Rosa. It is amazing how relaxed and centered I felt following my session.”

C. M.


“The exercise warmed me and took away the physical pain. Thank you for giving me another tool in my quest for health, healing, well-being and a more spiritual life. Your voice is very loving and kind. I trusted you completely.”

Gail M.

St. Albert

“I found the seminar to be very enjoyable and relaxing. There was good information and great stories to help combat the many different ‘stresses’ we all experience.”

Darlene D.

St. Albert

“This has been a most rewarding experience for me, personally, physically and emotionally, the extra gift being the spiritual bonus – a perfect day, indeed. Thank you for the lifelong gift of your talent and skills. God bless you for all you do for people like me!” (Clarity for Success)

Carolyn M.

St. Albert

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